Sam Hart is a scientist, publisher, and artist based in New York. His areas of general interest include the behavior & politics of emergence within complex systems, risk & ethical resource use, and the role of model making in cognition. Sam studied chemical physics and structural biology at Wesleyan University under Dr. David Beveridge and currently works as a staff scientist at Sloan Kettering's Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program, under Dr. Cameron Brennan, where he investigates the mechanisms underlying cancer evolution.

Sam is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of AVANT.org, an online journal advancing critical, cross-disciplinary discourse. He, together with sound artist Sam Silver, comprise the multi-media project A // V CLUB. Sam is also a founding member of the New York chapter of online underground electronic music show Boiler Room, he has worked for MoMA PS1 in the production of sets for their Warmup concert series, and as Technical Director of the Brooklyn media arts gallery 319 Scholes. His writing can be found at Rhizome.org, Dazed & Confused, and AVANT.org. Sam is also an avid sailor, having grown up racing dinghies.



The House in the Sky - Simulating the future: Possibility & Risk. Part of Sascha Pohflepp & Chris Woebken’s ongoing research into the RAND corperation’s defining role in shaping our contemporary sense of time.

Artists & Brands: Defining Rules of Engagement - A workgroup initiated by Julia Kaganskiy of NEW INC to produce a guide for productive and equitable relationships between creative professionals and the brands that increasingly funding their work. Notes can be found here.


Digital Wasting Deception - Transmediale - Tracing spatial & ontological suppression of waste to flawed postdigital behaviors.

Anonymonth - CTM - Creating a platform for pseudoanonymous exchange. In conversation with Mat Dryhurst & Olof Mathé.



SONIC RESEARCH: Psychoacoustics Session I - An experimental symposium in dialogue, performance, and installation. Co-organized with Charles Eppley at the ALLGOLD MoMA PS1 Print Shop.

Weather Machine - Prototype climate war game with simulated real estate futures market. Created in collaberation with Chris Woebken & Phillip Stearns for Art Hack Day


apexart Unsolicited Proposal Program (juror)

Inventing Time on Film - An evening of film shorts characterizing the role of post-production tools in shaping the depiction of time and place. Presented at Soho House, curated by Danny Snelson & Alex Anthony. (Producer)


The Current Sessions: Volume IV, Issue I. (guest curator)

Evil Media distribution Center by YoHa (contributor)

• Exhibited as part of "The Ruin" at the Netherlands Architecture Institute - Rotterdam, Netherlands
• Commissioned for Transmediale - Berlin, Germany


Self Assembly - Wesleyan University, Zilkha Gallery - Middletown, Connecticut, US (solo)



dyad - Visual score for dance accompaniment- in collaboration with Sam Silver & Allison Jones Dance

• Gowanus Art & Production's FIRST LOOK
• CoolNY Dance Festival presented by WHITE WAVE
• The Current Sessions Vol III, Issue II


ab initio - Live multimedia performance piece for dance, sound, & projection - in collaboration with Sam Silver & Allison Jones Dance

• Movement Research
• Collaborations in Dance Festival
• The Current Sessions Volume II, Issue I


Life on Film by Stephen Fortune at AND Festival (consult)

The Matter 2012: Art & Archive by David Gordon at Judson Memorial Church (consult)

Art Hack Day at 319 Scholes (production)

Nightclub set produced for the film "February" designed in collaboration with Jessica Placzek.