Sam Hart is a scientist, publisher, and artist based in New York. His areas of general interest include the behavior & politics of complex systems, in particular regard to modeling, risk, & ethical resource use. Sam studied chemical physics and structural biology at Wesleyan University under Dr. David Beveridge and currently works as a bioinformatics analyst at Sloan Kettering's Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program, under Dr. Cameron Brennan, where he investigates the mechanisms underlying cancer evolution. He is also co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of AVANT.org, an online journal advancing critical, cross-disciplinary discourse.



The House in the Sky - A film centered around Josef van der Kar's iconic modernist 'Wohlstetter House,' restaging Cold War-era discussions among intellectuals & affiliates of the RAND corporation, concerning the mapping of future events to deter or mitigate Soviet attack. Part of Sascha Pohflepp & Chris Woebken’s ongoing research into the RAND corperation’s defining role in shaping our contemporary notion of future thinking.

Artists & Brands: Defining Rules of Engagement - A workgroup initiated by Julia Kaganskiy of NEW INC to produce a guide for productive and equitable relationships between creative professionals and the brands that increasingly funding their work. Notes can be found here.


Digital Wasting Deception - Transmediale - Tracing spatial & ontological suppression of waste to flawed postdigital behaviors.

Anonymonth - CTM - Creating a platform for pseudoanonymous exchange. In conversation with Mat Dryhurst & Olof Mathé.



SONIC RESEARCH: Psychoacoustics Session I - An experimental symposium in dialogue, performance, and installation. Co-organized with Charles Eppley at the ALLGOLD MoMA PS1 Print Shop.

Weather Machine - Prototype climate war game with simulated real estate futures market. Created in collaberation with Chris Woebken & Phillip Stearns for Art Hack Day


apexart Unsolicited Proposal Program (juror)

Inventing Time on Film - An evening of film shorts characterizing the role of post-production tools in shaping the depiction of time and place. Presented at Soho House, curated by Danny Snelson & Alex Anthony. (Producer)


The Current Sessions: Volume IV, Issue I. (guest curator)

Evil Media distribution Center by YoHa (contributor)

• Exhibited as part of "The Ruin" at the Netherlands Architecture Institute - Rotterdam, Netherlands
• Commissioned for Transmediale - Berlin, Germany


Self Assembly - Wesleyan University, Zilkha Gallery - Middletown, Connecticut, US (solo)



dyad - Visual score for dance accompaniment- in collaboration with Sam Silver & Allison Jones Dance

• Gowanus Art & Production's FIRST LOOK
• CoolNY Dance Festival presented by WHITE WAVE
• The Current Sessions Vol III, Issue II


ab initio - Live multimedia performance piece for dance, sound, & projection - in collaboration with Sam Silver & Allison Jones Dance

• Movement Research
• Collaborations in Dance Festival
• The Current Sessions Volume II, Issue I


Life on Film by Stephen Fortune at AND Festival (consult)

The Matter 2012: Art & Archive by David Gordon at Judson Memorial Church (consult)

Art Hack Day at 319 Scholes (production)

Nightclub set produced for the film "February" designed in collaboration with Jessica Placzek.